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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  January 23, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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good evening. i'm garvin thomas. a 20-year-old man is dead after being shot by a public school officer in oakland. the school district says the man who was killed attacked one of its officers with a screwdriver not far from where a high school dance was taking place. monty francis is live in oakland with the story. >> reporter: garvin, oakland unified says this is the first time in the district's history that one of its officers has been involved in a fatal shooting. the shooting happened at about 9:15 last night near joaquin miller park where skyline high school was holding a dance. the officers were patrolling the surrounding area to make sure no one crashed the dance when they
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came upon a parked honda with a man and woman inside. the car was determined to be stolen and according to district officials the 20-year-old man started fighting with one of the officers and then pulled out a screw driver and tried to stab the officer. the district says that's when the other officer fired his gun at the man, killing him. the district says the officer who was attacked was not hurt by the screwdriver because he was wearing a protective vest. oakland unified has about a dozen police officers who work exclusively for the school district. >> these are fully trained police officers. they are experienced and they are doing work in the streets all the time. they're not just inside the school as security officers, they're around the campus, in the city. so all the problems that may plague the city of oakland at some times, they're experienced in dealing with. >> reporter: the victim's name has not been released nor have the name of the two officers. but we can tell you both officers are on paid administrative leave. the oakland police department's
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homicide division, internal affairs, and the district attorney's office have all opened separate investigations into last night's estimating. live in oakland, monty francis, nbc bay area news. parents in concord plan to hold a rally tomorrow to protest the possible closing of holbrooke elementary school. it's one of several schools the mt. diablo district is considering closing in an effort to balance the budget. tuesday the school board will meet to go over the recommendation of an advisory committee which has submitted possible scenarios. anticipate one resulting in the closure of three schools. but each scenario comes with a cost and parents and students at each of the seven schools in the district have been vocal about just how upset they are. no one, of course, wants to see his or her child's school shut down. the district however says it could save at least $1 million by closing the schools. the statewide amber alert for 4-year-old giuliani cardanis has been downgraded to a local alert. the search is focused on the
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canal near pattersonhere a witness says he saw a silver car go into the water, a car that fits the description of the one driven by the suspected kid nad ep. authorities say rodriguez was using his cell phone and atm card before tuesday's kidnapping but the electronic trail has gone cold. the sheriff's department will resume searching with divers and sonar tuesday or wednesday. saying at this point, it's the only lead they have. an update to an officer-involved shooting in san francisco we told you about last night. the shooting happened on the border of san francisco and daly city around 7:00 p.m. when a daly city officer tried to pull a car over. instead of stopping the woman driving allegedly sped up, crashed into a nearby home, put the car in reverse and struck the officer. that's when the officer opened fire. daly city police are not saying how many times the woman was hit but she is in the hospital with serious injuries. a man also in the car at the time was arrested. the officer was not badly hurt. sheriff's deputies in the
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coast guard hope sonar will help in the search for a fisherman who disappeared from his boat in the san joaquin delta. 51-year-old harold lee went fishing yesterday alone. his boat was spotted floating around 2:00 p.m. with food and fishing poles on board. the coast guard and the contra costa county sheriff's department searched yesterday and this morning but didn't find any sign of lee. his family and law enforcement are holding out hope. >> we're holding out. we're going to stay positive. you know, hopeforthebest. >> we take it very seriously. in the past, we've had people that have gone overboard and then wind up disoriented. we consider it a rescue mission at this point. >> tonight the search is suspended but authorities plan to go out tomorrow morning with sonar equipment. california state treasurer bill lockyear says the state could issue ious as early as april or may if stay lawmakers don't cut state spending soon. our station in sacramento has the story.
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>> reporter: california's $25 billion deficit is widely known and felt. >> we're in the hole. a lot of people, including myself, are complaining. >> reporter: but at a conference at uc berkeley this weekend, state treasurer bill lockyear dropped a bomb saying the government is staring at a pressing cash crisis that could require handing out ious by april. >> it seems like every single year it gets worse and worse and worse. and that accounts -- you hear the same story over and over. >> reporter: the state last issued ious in 2009 after it ran short of money to pay vendors and issue tax refunds. >> sometimes that helps pay our house payments and helps pay our car payments. >> we can't issue them, i don't know why they can issue one to us. if we paid into it, we're waiting for that check to get us out of financial deficits. >> reporter: lockyear offered a clear solution -- balance the budget on time. governor jerry brown has proposed $12.5 billion in cuts and extension of taxes, a plan republicans oppose. >> they need to investigate,
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explore, and be creative about it, rather than just going for the usual suspects, which is raise taxes. put off paying people. >> we have to pay more taxes if we want to keep these things in place. >> you'd make the sakra suffice? >> i would make the sacrifice. a new name and a new focus will hopefully lead to a better future for the south bay home show. organizers say the audience isn't there for a major remodeling project right now. they've changed the name to the art of the home. instead of major renovations they're focusing on design and comfort. they say people are making improvements but they're doing a lot of the work themselves. >> because a lot of these businesses depend on home equity loans. we have seen attrition but there's a lot of good high-end vendors starting to do well again. >> exhibits featured art, home entertainment, cooking and wine. the show producers say they're slowly seeing the crowds come back after several years of dismal attendance. tomorrow for the first time
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in recent history the city of san jose will try to permanently shut down a nightclub. city attorney will ask a judge for an injunction to shut down club wet on south first street. city is accusing club staffers of covering up violence on the dance floor. new year's eve club security reportedly refused to call an ambulance for a woman who was bleeding after a fight. in another case police reportedly found club staff cleaning up blood after a fight where someone was allegedly stabbed. a gruesome discovery. >> seems like everywhere you step, there's even more. >> a foreclosed home filled with animals. a scene police say was unspeakable and how the homeowner in question is defending herself tonight. a peninsula family fights to save a young woman's life. why a bone marrow drive today is so crucial to her survival. and a live look outside where it was another wonderful, warm day. hot enough to break records? up in ait.
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a big stretch of hiis gy wa highway is closed in san francisco. department of public works has both lanes closed from lincoln way to slope boulevard. winter weather has hit the r pdr hard, parts eroding to the beach below. there are plans to reopen the road after repairs are finished this spring. a grisly story from washington state where authorities found 31 dead animals inside a foreclosed home. nbc's tanya moseley talked with the homeowner who says she was under serious financial and medical stress. >> 31? >> 31. >> reporter: they brought them out one by one. the corpses of dogs and cats. some of them so decomposed, they were unrecognizable. >> seems like everywhere you step, there's an animal. they literally did just lay down and die. >> reporter: diane cowling actually lived with those
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animals up until last month. >> i just shut down. i didn't see it. i didn't want to deal with it. >> reporter: cowling says she was diagnosed with breast cancer. then her home went into foreclosure. and no shelter would take in the animals. >> i spent as much money as i could feeding them. taking care of them. then i just -- you know. there wasn't enough money to go around. >> reporter: but she says there is no excuse. she believes this is the definition of animal cruelty. some of the animals had been dead for more than six months. >> what i saw was just literally four inches of feces on every surface. the kitchen table. feces this high. and trash. dead animals with trash thrown over the top of them. >> reporter: cowling is now living in an apartment with her son and she doesn't believe she should be charged. she says she needs help. >> everybody's there now,
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criticizing. but nobody was there when i needed help. still to come at 6:00, a problem that a the love people have likely experienced. losing your car in the mall parking lot. now a southern california mall has found the solution. the technology to help or overstepping privacy boundaries? how hundreds of bay area ge ao lot of free groceries today. after a warm day today, you can see things starting to cool down inland. already in the 40s in fairfield and napa. patchy, dense fog setting up for our inland valleys atwh whatt iea t morns f work heweek forecast coming up. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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the south asian community is in the process of holding a huge number of blood drives in the
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effort to save a 24-year-old woman with cancer. 24-year-old sonya wright's family held 100 bone marrow drives across the country over the past two weeks. in spite of inspiring hundreds of people to register the indian family has not found a close enough match. it's often difficult for ethnic minorities or people with mixed race to find matches so the need for people in those communities to register is dire. donating bone marrow is easier than it used to be. >> one of the common ways to donate bone marrow is like donating blood. it's a few injections that you receive to stimulate your stem-cell growth and then donating blood can take about four hours to do. you get to watch movies while you do it, catch up on flicks you haven't seen for a while. >> sonya's family says the whole community will benefit from people registering. sonya's doctors say she will not survive without the transplant. now, we've all done it. pulled into a parking garage, gone about our business, then returned to trudge through the entire garage wondering, where the heck did i park?
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now there's a computer system that could help you find your car in a snap. a chat with our nbc station in los angeles reports privacy advocates say convenience could come at a high price. >> reporter: we've all been there. wandering through a parking lot wondering where we parked our cars. at santa monica place today, all madeline had to do was enter her license plate number and up popped a picture and location. >> is that your car? >> yeah. garage 8, level 4. >> i've lost my car before so i know what it's like to spend time trying to find it. >> reporter: that's easier now with this supposedly first of its kind camera-based car locater. the cameras run along the ceilings in the parking structure here at santa monica place. red and green lights indicating occupied or open parking spaces. and cameras photographing every license plate and its location. >> what do you think of this? >> i think it's really great. being from new york we don't have technology like this so it's really convenient to find
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it because we did really lose our car. having something like this is very helpful in finding it. >> a lot of times you park your car and you don't know where it is. so having this type of technology really enables you to be more efficient and at the same time like find your car wherever it is. >> reporter: authorities say it's a great way to find lost and stolen cars too. but privacy advocates worry it's just one more intrusion, a way for others to track people without their consent. >> i think there might somebody privacy issues in there. somebody can enter your code number or -- i think it's just a bad idea. people should just go ahead and find their own car. >> reporter: we found the system is far from perfect. i parked twice and the machine failed to locate my car both times. the same happened to several shoppers we spoke to. they punched in their plate numbers, but nothing came back. >> that didn't work for me. >> what do you think of the concept in general? >> i think it's actually pretty good. because i have to say i came up
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the wrong area. and it would help me find -- i wouldn't have to go back and forth. sometimes you forget where you came out of the mall. >> ted chen reporting. rob, if you lost your car today you didn't mind because you wandered around in beautiful weather for a while. >> that's right, easily the best weather around the country right here around the bay area. again for day two in some cases it was record-breaking again today. oakland 72 degrees. that was a new record high around downtown today. look at salinas. it puts us on the map, 82 to the south. san jose again pretty close to the low 70s. santa cruz 75. out on the coast it is still january. doesn't feel like it around the south bay or the south coast. 68 earlier in san francisco. 70 in santa rosa. as we head through this evening and tonight one of the weather headlines heading into tomorrow will be thick fog. we're already seeing signs of an offshore breeze pumping in low clouds and a big drop in temperatures around napa and fairfield. and there's a good likelihood
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some of that fog will be thick enough we could have dense fog advisories toward the north and east bay valleys over the next couple of mornings. northeast winds toward livermore and fairfield pushing in cooler air. you can see on the map, look at that area in blue, already 40s in fairfield and napa. it will be these locations heading into monday morning that will see some of that dense, patchy fog. temperatures for the morning chilly. 30s and 40s to get your day started. but we'll continue to see mild temperatures. staying dry not just for the work week but likely we're going to stay dry through this upcoming weekend. you can see right here, nothing showing up on the radar. we have clouds to the north. high pressure as has been the case the last week is acting like a wall. all the incoming storms steer off to the north. underneath this ridge of high pressure, that warming, sinking air aloft. 70s in spots around the south bay tomorrow. we're going to see cooling around concord into the north bay valleys tomorrow due to the fog. for the rest of the week, that storm track way off to the north, no signs of this surge of high pressure breaking down any
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time soon. more dry weather will follow us as we head through your work week. tonight, inland fog setting up across the north and east bay valleys. tomorrow's temperatures around the south coast should get close to the 70s. around santa cruz and gilroy, san jose, upper 60s as we head into your monday afternoon with patchy fog around the santa clara valley. for the morning 63 around san francisco. 62 san mateo. temperatures cooling as we head into the inland east bay. out towards fairfield and napa, upper 50s and low 60s. north bay, highs 50s and 60s for your monday afternoon. here now your seven-day forecast. a slight increase in those offshore breezes around the hills which means i think tuesday at this point will be the warmest day of the week together with temperatures staying in the 60s. cooling as we head towards next weekend. appreciate this weather because two-thirds of the country having highs below freezing for monday afternoon, including the northeast. below zero temperatures overnight. >> i am appreciating this weather every single day, rob, thank you very much. coming up, it's a meal you'll never forget. we'll take you to the new
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restaurant that's poised to k a .
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taking dining to a whole new level. take a look at the world's highest restaurant. in dubai in the united arab emirates, it's called atmosphere. located on the 122nd floor of the world's tallest tower called birge. 180-degree views for more than 1,300 feet above the ground. that view doesn't come cheap. the average price for an appetizer is $50. a main course costs about $90. while a few select people can afford those prices many people here in the bay area are having trouble putting any food on the table. with those people in mind, bay area nonprofits got together to hand out thousands of bags of free groceries. the feed the city event in hayward brought together volunteers with dream center bay area and feed the hungry organization.
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organizers say in tough economic times it is important for those who are not struggling to have ways to help those who are. according to the alameda county food bank, one in six county residents used a soup kitchen, food bank or shelter at least once in the last year. lauren scott's here with a look at sports. we know one part of the super bowl. how's it looking for the other? >> it's coming along. they're going to play indoors on artificial turf for super sunday. today, frozen tundra kind of game where it was marred with quarterback controversy. a crazy situation in chicago. also one of our favorites in the sports program is up for one of the nfl's most coveted awards. these two women in a grand slam match that went longernt.
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the packers and bears playing for a spot in the super bowl. these two teams have played each other more than any other two teams in nfl history. most important today is that they have more combined nfl championships than any other two teams. this goes back decades. well before the first super bowl which green bay won. the packers trying to get to their fifth super bowl. the bears have been there twice. today at soldier field. aaron rodgers come a long way since his days at cal waiting patiently behind brett favre. he scored the game's first touchdown before the packers added another. the controversy is centered around the other quarterback. the bears' jay cutler. before the half he threw this interception. and would leave the game with an unspecified knee injury. the bears ended up with their third-string quarterback caleb haynie in the game. and he did his best to rally his
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team but b.j. rog gy stepped in the way of the nose tackle with the 18-yard touchdown off the interception and a little dance. packers let the bears hang around but basically had control of the game throughout. especially with cutler on the bench. very strange situation there. 21-14 the final. green bay will go for its fourth super bowl win in five appearances two sundays from now. here's the former golden bear. >> obviously would like to play better today. didn't play as well as i wanted to. but we made enough plays on offense to put us in a good position to win the game. would have liked to put more than 14 points on the board, obviously. but we're going to the super bowl. >> when he was playing in high school, in chico and cal, aaron rodgers wore a joe montana t-shirt. he might want to bring it out for good karma. packers will face the steelers or the jets in arlington, texas. just before the super bowl the winner of the walter payton award will be announced, the nfl's man of the year award.
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it's essentially the award recognizing excellence on the field. nandi is a free agent this offseason. he said on national radio not to rule out his return to the raiders. last week al davis said this is something the team will work on but that $17 million per year might bring several players, not just one. the bears israel idonije and the vikings' med due williams are the other finalists. the richest contract ever signed in the nfl could be signed by a guy who's been one of the top-paid players for years already. the indianapolis colts and their quarterback, peyton manning, are starting talks about a new contract. really the money isn't actually the biggest issue. the colts have not been very active on the free agency front the past several years and team president polian making a presentation of sorts to manning to lay out a plan to not only get him the biggest contract ever but also weapons to work with. strange days in cincinnati. it could be something that
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possibly works in the 49ers' favor. carson palmer wants out demanding a trade from the bengals. the thought is that his ideal situation would be on the west coast. west coast guy. first off, he's got a contract that runs through 2014. he's had a history of knee injury issues. there's a hometown advantage at play here, perhaps. his wife shea lin, who he met at usc, as san jose native. she played college soccer for the trojans. they're expecting their third child soon. the bay area would be an ideal destination. the niners need a quarterback. the seahawks and his former coach pete carroll could become players if talks heat up. it took almost five hours to decide the winner at the australian open. francesca schiavone. 4 hours 45 minutes later schiavone moves on. super bowl, warriors,
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sharks, rog welcoming the warriors. >> nothing b.j. rogers does. ruben says, dump the death penalty. increase costs to


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